About Engender 2022

Engender 2022 Early Registration!

After the success and solidarity of our previous community galas (2020's "Ribbons of Resilience," and 2021's "A Fuller Circle"), we're proud to announce that early registration has begun for Engender 2022. We're currently working hard to virtually bring together our community again this year in a space where our genuine selves can be recognized in a spirit of safety, comfort, and belonging.

The date for Engender 2022 is October 13th, and more information will be available as the event coalesces. You can sign up for our newsletter here, view our blog, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook for all the latest updates.

We look forward to joining together with you this year, and bringing our affirmations of self into a shared vision once again.

About Queer Asterisk

Queer Asterisk is a Colorado 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing queer-informed counseling services, educational trainings, and community programming. We envision a vibrant community that embraces authentic expression and transformation, where individuals with dynamic and intersecting identities can thrive.